Never Miss Another Legal Deadline

System Features:

  1. Add and manage all contracts with detail
  2. Adding Departments and Sub-Agencies
  3. Links between different contracts
  4. Archive, attachments and documents of each contract
  5. Add a database of companies and contractors
  6. Present all contracts in an annual and quarterly calendar
  7. Achieve contracts

Financial Features:

  1. Payments Details for Contract (One Year, Quarterly, Monthly Payment)
  2. Follow-up to cash flows

Alerts features:

  1. Set alerts, monitor and track expiration’s.
  2. Remind the pop window screens
  3. Email reminder
  4. SMS reminder
  5. Reminder of contracts close to completion (possibility to determine the alarm period)
  6. Remind the payments due to or on contracts

Reporting Features:

  1. Statistics on all contracts according to the contractor
  2. Contracts statistics by departments
  3. Statistics on the total income of contracts (such as investment contracts)
  4. Statistics on total contract payments
  5. Export reports and data in PDF and Excel formats

System Features:

  1. Multi Language
  2. No downloads required
  3. Works through cloud services technology
  4. The possibility of operating on the servers (on-premises)
  5. Ability to add more than one user with the specified permissions
  6. Secure all data and encrypted SSL documents
  7. Backup